Circular Letter # 3

November 27, 2011 First Sunday of Advent

Dearest Sisters,

Grace and peace to you all in the beginning of a new liturgical year!

We reached the threshold of this new season accompanied by our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, whose 40th anniversary of birth into eternal life we celebrated yesterday. With Blessed Alberione, we resound our thanksgiving to the Father for all the blessings of the past year. Indeed in the twist and turn of every event, we can say: abundantes divitiae gratiae suae -- how rich God is in grace! May this sense of gratitude, a truly “Eucharistic attitude” increase ever more in our lives. May this help us transform our way of thinking and looking at things so as to find “grace”—God’s presence—always and everywhere as reality presents itself to us.

As Sr. M. Regina Cesarato, our Mother General, already said in her latest circular (Circular n. 5), our journey of discipleship continues in this new liturgical year guided by the evangelist St. Mark. In this short but challenging gospel, we realize that discipleship means debating, questioning, stumbling, and most of all, learning. Indeed its first challenge this Advent season is: “be watchful, be alert! You do not know when the time will come” (cf Mk 13:33). We respond to this challenge by taking to heart the number of recommendations given in said circular of Sr M Regina especially the actualization of General Chapter guideline for action 2.2 on renewing our sense of work and Pauline poverty in its 5 functions.

Additionally, we can also exercise watchfulness and vigilance by deepening our sense of attentiveness, listening, silence in various spheres of relationship. This could as well be a way of personally and communally actualizing the Provincial Chapter guideline for action 2.1 namely, “We collaborate in building a prophetic community, cultivating authentic relationship with God, with our neighbors and among ourselves by: reclaiming the contemplative dimension of our life, developing the capacity to listen and dialogue, fidelity to our life of prayer, appreciating the giftedness of each sister and respect of cultural differences, sharing of apostolic experiences.”

Let us commit ourselves to a sober, simple and service-oriented lifestyle not only during this Advent and Christmas season but even beyond it. It is our hope that in being faithful to such life witness, we can also attract more vocations who seek the face of the Master and desire to follow him in a radical way through the PDDM consecrated life.

May I recommend to your prayers too the upcoming movements: firstly, the return of our two juniors from Rome and their re-integration in their communities as they continue to prepare for perpetual profession: Sr. M. Christine Aroa in PAC-Manila and Sr. M. Geraldine Bucog in Alberione Oasis. In this regard, Sr. M. Cecille Duque, will be transferred to AC. We also look forward to the return of the Novitiate community to DMC-Antipolo and the Postulancy to Cebu. The house in Manga will serve as an extension of the AC community in the specific areas of the Provincial bursary (documentation section) and Apostolic creativity. Meanwhile, together with our sisters in the “third age” we prepare for the formative session this coming December 8-11 and we count on your prayers so that the objective of this session may be reached, according to the Lord’s design.

May Mary, our Immaculate and Advent Lady, accompany us in delving deeply into the mystery of our Lord’s Incarnation, his accepting to be human like us so that he can raise us to be true children of God.

Yours affectionately in Jesus Master,

Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, PDDM

Provincial Superior