Provincial Superior's Circular n.6

115th Birth Anniversary of M. M. Scolastica Rivata

Dearest Sisters,

Greetings to all of you on this beautiful day of the 115th birth anniversary of our First Mother, Madre M. Scolastica Rivata!

I believe that all of you have received the good news announced by our Superior General, Mother M. Regina Cesarato last June 22 which I quote and synthesize here: “This afternoon, as has been announced earlier, the Congress of the theological consultors was held in the Office of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints in Rome to examine and decide on the heroic virtues of the Servant of God Sr. M. Scolastica Rivata, our First Mother and collaborator of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione, in Christ. I have now the joy to announce to you that the result has been favorable.” Mother M. Regina explained further that this positive result of the votes of the consultors will now be published and, together with the positio, be placed at the disposition of the Member Cardinals and Bishops of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. They in turn will make their vote and the definitive decision will be considered by the Pope. Only after the decree on the heroic virtues of Mother M. Scolastica will be promulgated can we truly call her “Venerable.”

How can we help in hastening this process of proclamation of “venerability” of our First Mother? Perhaps by choosing at least one of her heroic virtues and asking the grace to persevere in living it. I like to take this occasion to share, in a very personal note, that Mother M. Scolastica has been my guide in nurturing my love for Jesus Master and my PDDM vocation all through these years. Perhaps this is one reason why, when Mother M. Regina Cesarato called me up in Beijing exactly a year ago today, asking me if I could sacrifice once more my long held desire and dream for the sake of the common mission and take up the ministry of Provincial Superior, I could only cling to Mother Scolastica for strength and guidance as I said yes. The sacrifice is costly but in the long run, I learn to understand in as clear possible way that our mission is a corporate one, not a personal dream or accomplishment. What we do and what we become is not ultimately about us, not about me. It is about the Lord, the coming of his Kingdom. It is a path of constant conversion, discerning always if we are truly putting God at the center and not ourselves, not our personal desires, but the Lord’s.

How can we contribute in letting the sanctity of Mother Scolastica shine brightly in the church and the world today? May I repeat the invitation of Mother M. Regina written in the last issue of our Congregational Bulletin, Discepole nel Mondo 2012 n.3. “Let us take this occasion of waiting for the promulgation of the venerability of M. Scolastica as a precious invitation to kindle into flame the gift received. Mother Scolastica exhorted the sisters in 1968: the one who wants to become a saint has many occasions now and always, each one according to her given area: it will not be the same manner for everyone, but each sister could sincerely show her love for God by the generous and faithful accomplishment of one’s duties, without measuring the sacrifice that such fidelity requires. Rather, it is actually the sacrifice which becomes the source of joy because it becomes the means of offering to the Lord, the proof of our love for him.”

Lastly, thank you so much for the collaboration of each one in this time of community transitions as well as the launching of our apostolic initiatives. I count on your prayers as we in the Provincial Leadership Team embark on the mid-year evaluation and planning from July 16-20 in a private place in Alfonso, Cavite. May Jesus Master be ever loved, served and proclaimed in all that we are and do!

Sr. M. Gemma Victorino