Circular N. 2 ( March 19, 2010)

Circular N. 2 – 8th GC
Rome, March 19, 2010
Solemnity of St. Joseph
Dear Sisters,

This letter officially announces the 8th General (RV 87) which will be celebrated next year from March 19 to April 16, 2011, in Bethany House – Via Portuense 741 – 00148 Rome.

The Theme and Objectives of the 8th General Chapter, fruit of the qualified consultation requested from the superiors of the circumscriptions and their councils, were already presented in Circular n.3 dated May 3, 2009. They are repeated in this official context:

Theme: Bread broken and shared for the life of the world

Objective General: Becoming disciples of Jesus Master in co-responsibility, in communion and in service

Specific Objectives: At the school of the Eucharist:

- become aware of the phenomenon of globalization in its totality and the environmental crisis as the context of our life and mission;

- renew the values of Pauline poverty in its specific functions;

- form ourselves in sharing as a requirement of mature faith and active charity in order to contribute, according to our resources, to an effective communion of goods, in view of the mission.

In all of the communities of the Congregation we are following the program formulated by the Preparatory Committee in the Itinerary of Preparation for the Chapter itself. The material you send will enable the Preparatory Committee to prepare the Instrumentum Laboris (working papers) to be utilized by the Chapter Assembly.

I am grateful to you for your sense of co-responsibility and communion which you demonstrate in the preparation for this important event of the Church and of the Congregation which interests and challenges all of us.

The participants of the Chapter “must be composed in such a manner as to represent the entire Institute in order to be a true sign of its unity in charity” (RV 86). In conformity with the Rule of Life (art. 86), the participants of the 8th General Chapter will total 53 sisters, of which 18 are members by right and 35 are elected.

The delegates will be elected by writing and in secret ballot, following the proportions established in the Regulations for the General Chapter (cf Dir 86.1; RCG 6).

The attached list (Appendix 1) includes the groupings for the houses which are directly dependent upon the General Government.

The sisters in the Provinces will elect the delegates to the Chapter during the Provincial Chapters (RV 93), which will be celebrated between September and November 2010 (cf Circular n. 5, dated September 6, 2009).

The provincial superiors have already received the Regulations for the Provincial Chapter (cf RV 93 and Dir. 93.1-2) and, together with their councils, have already begun the organization. Please inform the General Secretary of the date and location of the Provincial Chapter.

The participants at the Provincial Chapter are the members of the Provincial Government, who participate by right, and the delegates elected by the communities of the Province, according to the procedure established in the Regulations for the Provincial Chapter (RCP). The number of delegates has been established in proportion to the number of members in the Province (cf RV 93; Dir 93.2; RCP 4.3):

  • Brazil: the sisters of the government, 10 delegates and one Junior, 5 substitutes;
  • Colombia/Ecuador: the sisters of the government, 8 delegates and one Junior, 4 substitutes;
  • Korea/NZ: the sisters of the government, 12 delegates and one Junior, 6 substitutes;
  • Philippines/TW/HK: the sisters of the government, 10 delegates and one Junior, 5 substitutes;
  • Japan: the sisters of the government, 9 delegates and one Junior, 5 substitutes;
  • India: the sisters of the government, 12 delegates and one Junior, 6 substitutes;
  • Italy: the sisters of the government, 22 delegates and one Junior, 10 substitutes;
  • Mexico: the sisters of the government, 10 delegates and one Junior, 5 substitutes;
  • Poland: the sisters of the government, 9 delegates and one Junior, 5 substitutes.

The sisters of the Delegations will elect the delegate to the 8th General Chapter during the month of October 2010 in the respective communities (RCG, 8) following the procedure established by the Superior General and her council (Appendix 2).

To each superior of the delegation I will also send a letter authorizing her to begin the procedure since this competence was not established in the Decree of nomination (RV 117).

Once the election of the delegate has taken place, the superior of the delegation together with her council, if possible, organizes the Delegation Assembly to share the report concerning the life and state of the Delegation to be presented for the General Chapter. Where this is not possible, she is to enable the sisters to participate in the manner most suited to the situation.

The sisters of the houses dependent upon the General Government will be grouped as follows:

  • General House, Bethany House, Mother Scholastica House;
  • Germany, Israel, Czech Republic, Ukraine;
  • Vatican: Central Telephone Community and St. Peter Community

During the month of October 2010 they will elect the delegate to the 8th General Chapter from among the sisters making up the various groups, following the procedure established by the Superior General and her council (Appendix 3).

In dialogue with the General Councilor assigned to the community, the local superior establishes the date of the election.

In preparation for the elections, also in the communities, there is to be a period of community prayer and discernment. For the choice of the delegate to the Chapter (whether provincial or general) I would suggest that you keep certain fundamental criteria in mind. The representation at the chapter is a personal call (convocation) lived in the name of the entire Institute. Therefore, in discernment, keep in mind that she is a person:

  • with love for the Church, the Pauline Family, and a lively sense of belonging to the Institute in accordance with the requirements for communion with God, neighbor and creation;
  • balanced, open, capable of assuming responsibility for her own choices;
  • willing to enter into discussion with the delegates from other areas of the Congregation;
  • capable of communicating and taking an active role in team projects;
  • docile to the Holy Spirit and open to the future with the experience and competence of the consecrated life and the challenges which face it;
  • willing to assume the burden, the responsibility and the joy of a common search for the will of God in order to orient the journey of the Congregation over the next six years.

In preparation for the 8th General Chapter let us intensify our prayer and ask for the grace to grow in mutual esteem to prepare ourselves to receive the fruits of communion, of co-responsibility, and of service to the Church and to the world that the Lord wishes to give to us.

Let us experience the lively presence of the Pauline Family which already contemplates the Face of God that we, as pilgrims in this history, continue to seek with sincere hearts.

I greet you affectionately, together with the sisters of the General Government, in Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life, with Mary Queen of Apostles and St. Paul the Apostle.

Sr. M. Regina Cesarato

General House - Via Gabriele Rossetti, 17 – 00152 ROM