Provincial Superior's Communication no. 4


 Communications N.4

            October 20, 2016



Dear Sisters,                                                         

May the blessings of peace and joy from Jesus our Divine Master be with us always!

Thank you for submitting in time your responses to the 3rd part of the General Chapter Itinerary.

As you have been informed earlier, we shall start the celebration of the 3rd  Provincial Chapter by November 11,2016. I know you have been praying intensely for this congregational event and I would like to ask further prayer support from the sisters and communities by including the attached prayer (see attachment 1) in the intercessory part of the Morning Prayer starting tomorrow, October 21 – the first day of the Novena to Jesus Master - up to the end of the Provincial Chapter on November 17, 2016. I would like to request the local superiors and animators to multiply copies of the prayer and distribute to the sisters and remind the prayer leaders of this community initiative.

Secondly, the Preparatory Committee for the 9th General Chapter has sent us earlier a format or template for proposing the motions to both the Provincial and General Chapter. Kindly see attachment 2 (2 pages) which includes also a copy of the Motions sent by the PTH Province in the 8th General Chapter (2011) as  pro-memoria. It might be good for the local superiors and animators to discuss this with the members in their community meeting before the Provincial Chapter. Certainly each sister is also free to write her inspiration and present it to the Chapter assembly, following the template attached here. Please submit all your responses to the Provincial Secretary on or before November 7, 2016 so that we can bring them to the Chapter Gathering. There is also the option to send individual or group proposals to the Secretary General (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by December 15, 2016, following indications given in the same template.


Again, my gratitude to all for the collaboration and support. May the Holy Spirit continue to lead and inspire us in this “kairos” moment of our Congregational Journey.


Sr. M. Gemma Victorino