Provincial Superior's circular n.9

Circular 9
September 19, 2017


Dearest Sisters,

            May God’s peace and mercy incarnated in our Lord Jesus Christ live on in our hearts and communities!

            In this Month of the Word being celebrated by the Pauline Family the world over, we participate in the various initiatives being undertaken, with the objective that more and more people may be receptive to the Word of God. In the closing celebration of this Month of the Word here in the Luzon sector, we shall also be commissioning different groups of lay collaborators associated to us through the Bible Commissioning Rite to be done at the closing Eucharist at St. Paul Sanctuary in Makati on September 24, 2017.

            We endeavor to be the “living Word” to each other as we become sensitive to the power of the Word which purifies and directs our lives. We can even extend this consciousness to the bigger perspective of our lives and society and heed the call of one of the mystics of our times: “One of the major symptoms of the general crisis existent in our world today is our lack of sensitivity to words… Reverence for words – an awareness of the wonder of words, of the mystery of words – is an essential prerequisite for prayer. By the Word of God, the world was created” (Abraham Heschel).

            With the ongoing crises in our Philippine society and the world at large regarding issues of terrorism, threat of war, extrajudicial killings, natural and human-made disasters, we are constantly challenged to exercise discernment in our choices concerning our relationship with God, persons, things and nature. I trust that the Courses of Action decided on during the last Provincial Chapter will be taken seriously by every member and community. Believing in the interconnectedness of all life, let us examine our lifestyle, discern and decide how to carry out the process of conversion asked of us in this regard.

            Finally, I would like to invite every sister and community to start invoking the light and wisdom of the Spirit. Soon we shall be receiving the letter and indications of the Superior General regarding the consultation process for the nomination of the new Provincial Superior, and successively, of the Councilors to assist her. May we truly open our hearts and minds to the leadings of the Spirit in the search for the persons who will serve the Province in the ministry of governance. Even now we start praying for them so that they may truly serve in the best interest of the members and the mission, heeding the specific call of God for them at this moment.

            I would like to reiterate here my gratitude, also in behalf of the members of the Provincial Government Team, for the years of collaboration during my term as servant leader. Additionally, I repeat my request for sincere apologies if in anybody’s perception, I have “over-challenged” some persons; please be assured that I have always tried to listen to the Spirit and acted in good faith. Even now, I do not sleep without praying for each of you.

            Let us continue to journey forward in hope, strengthened by the loving presence of Mary, Queen of the Apostles. Let us be assured of the wise and merciful guidance of Jesus our Master. I greet you all affectionately, especially our sisters who are going through difficult times. Please remember me too in your prayers.


Sr. M. Gemma Victorino pddm