Provincial Superior's circular n.10


Circular n. 10
October 12, 2017

Dearest Sisters,

           Peace and every blessing in Jesus Christ, our one and only Teacher!

          Let us thank the Lord for the good news with which he has blessed us today regarding the appointment of our new Provincial Superior, Sr. M. Anthony Basa, and let us assure Sr. M. Anthony of our prayerful support and collaboration in this new ministry entrusted to her.

         With this announcement, I also begin my “leave-taking process” first by repeating my word of thanks to every one of you with whom I have journeyed in these last six years as your servant-leader. Thank you for allowing me to serve and for teaching me many things in the process. I hope and pray that there has been some good done along the way. Thanks to all who have supported this ministry with your prayers and love. Thank you to those who have collaborated in the service of governance both in the provincial and local levels in the last six years, to the formators and those in particular ministries who labored and continue to work with creativity and generosity for the development of our members and mission.

          For those who feel that I have not served them enough and have not been a good example, I also repeat my apologies and request for forgiveness, even as I also free myself now from the pains I suffered as part of this service. I can assure you that I have never meant anybody any harm in any way. More often than not, I have to suffer as well to force myself to go out of my comfort zone and carry out the work of fraternal correction as required by this ministry, always in view of the greater good of the person, the Congregation and the Church, in my limited human way, always accompanied by intense prayer and discernment.

          A last information I would like to share with everybody is the request I made directly to Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, our Superior General. As I go through the transition period of ending my term and awaiting my new mission, I expressed to her my desire to go back to my baptismal name Victoria and to celebrate my feastday at the same time as my birthday that is, August 20. Together with the practical aspect of using only one name, this is also to help me deepen more and more the value and meaning of my “dying and rising with Christ” in baptism from which our religious consecration flows. I hope to apply more intensely, at this stage of my life, the grace and benefits of Jesus’ Paschal Mystery which is the perennial source of renewal in our discipleship and missionary life. Hence please do not be surprised as I begin to sign my name now as Sr. M. Victoria Victorino.

          Let us invoke the Holy Spirit in the continuation of our discernment process to complete the members of the Provincial government. With grateful affection, I wish you too a joyful continuation of our missionary discipleship and greet you in advance for the celebration of the Solemnity of Jesus our Divine Master, the center of our being and the sole Way, Truth and Life of humanity!                                                                                              

Sr. M. Victoria Victorino PDDM