Provincial Superior's Circular 2019 N. 1



March 6, 2019

Ash Wednesday



Dearest Sisters,

"Repent and believe in the Gospel." (Mark l:15) The proclamation of Jesus at the beginning of his public ministry resounds today with the symbolic imposition of ashes on our foreheads. Repentance is a Lenten call of the Church. It signifies change, renewal of mind and heart which brings us closer to God, motivated by our love for him and a sincere desire to do his will.

Our Mother General, Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, in her Circular of February 24, 2019, reminds us to live the Lenten season as a favorable time of personal and congregational renewal. She points us to Easter joy as a compass directing our journey of conversion, in obedience to the charismatic mandate "have a contrite heart." With this is a desire to rekindle the gift we have received in this Pauline Vocation Year. In this special moment of our history, Mother General also ushers us in to directing our energies "towards redesigning our presence", seeking through community discernment, God's greater glory for the benefit of humanity and of creation.

In our Lenten journey, let our hearts and minds be opened to the newness of life which Easter brings. Let us allow the Spirit to lead us to the desert of fasting, intense prayer, examination of conscience, and the living out in charity for our own sisters in community, and all those we encounter in daily life and in our ministry. Equipped with the Word of God, we are assured of God's love who offered his only Son for us. May we offer before our Crucified and Eucharistic Master all the apostolic and missionary initiatives of our Congregation particularly in our present journey towards a new design of our presence in the Church.

We continue to thank our Divine Master for all his providence and blessings. We are blessed with the gifts of a new pre-postulant, Alaine Jamoral from Zaboanga del Sur; the successful thesis defense of Sr. M. Kristine Legaspi; the coming perpetual profession of Sr. M. Jiao Zhang in Rome; and the donation of a property in Palo, Leyte.

My gratitude to God for you, Sisters of every community, who continue to respond to my fraternal visits and the formative sessions going on with great generosity and sincerity of heart. We are a blessing to one another gifted us by our Master and Lord!

 My prayerful wishes for a meaningful and blessed Lenten journey!



Provincial Superior