Provincial Superior's Circular 2019 N. 3

Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province

September 8, 2019
The Nativity of

Dearest Sisters,

Greetings from Taiwan and from all the sisters convening for the Asia-Oceania meeting which starts tomorrow. I start by
asking you special prayers for the ongoing Intercontinental Meetings.

Indeed, Mary is the cause of our joy as we also gather today for our traditional Sisters’ Day to celebrate the dawn of our
redemption with the birth of our Savior’s mother, Mary. Mary has opened the door of salvation for us and her “her soul
was the space from which God was able to gain access into humanity” (Pope Benedict XVI).

The Philippine Church is celebrating the Season of Creation from September 1 – October 4 as a way of
integrating ecological advocacy with the prayer and liturgical life of the church. With Mary, all creation is
elevated by Christ and as was Mary to Christ, creation provided the human race – especially the Body of Christ
– an earthly womb to grow and a home for salvation history to unfold. Let us take to heart our church’s “call to
ecological conversion with hope in the face of climate emergency” (CBCP Pastoral Letter on Climate Change).

We offer our great thanksgiving for the gift of our new community in the Diocese of Laoag which will be
inaugurated on October 19, 2019, Feast of Blessed Timothy Giaccardo. The sisters who will form the Bl.
Timothy Giaccardo community in Laoag are: Sr. M. Cecilia Payawal (In-charge of the Liturgical Formation
and Animation of St. William Cathedral Parish); Sr. M. Irene Cuadra (Chancery Office Staff); Sr. M. Clelia
Cañete (Manager of Domus Patris Retirement House for the Diocesan Priests of Laoag).

Our gratitude extends to all our sisters who have generously responded to the call of the present needs of our
various communities:

Sr. M. Fides Reboldal (DMC Antipolo) Sr. M. Kristine Legaspi (MS Dagupan)
Sr. M. Juliet Jose (DMC Antipolo) Sr. M. Josephine Tanate (MS Dagupan)
Sr. M. Lixia Zhang (DMC Antipolo) Sr. M. Rosalie Rio (PAC Manila)
Sr. M. Janice Golez (DMC Antipolo) Sr. M. Christian Jordan (PAC Manila)
Sr. M. Gabriella Pablico (DM Iligan) Sr. M. Mylene Ballan (ML Pampanga)
Sr. M. Abigail Monteverde (AC, QC) Sr. M. Arlene Martinez (SJH, Taiwan)
Sr. M. Carmeli Timbol (AC, QC) Sr. M. Aida Malonzo (DM Taiwan)
Sr. M. Lilibeth Bernaldez (DMC Davao) Sr. M. Jennifer Villamor (Hong Kong)
Sr. M. Alba Consulta (DMC Davao) Sr. M. Beatrice Israel (Rome, Italy)

As we also thank God for blessing us with vocations in the persons of Sylvia Basilio from Kibungan, Benguet
and Jovelyn Dogwe from Hingyon, Ifugao who joined our religious family last August 30, we continue to pray
for our novices who will start their apostolic exposure on the 3rd week of September: Nov. Diane Therese
Galapate (AC and Davao); Nov. Carolette Maestrado (PAC and Antipolo); Nov. Maria Bian (Davao and PAC);
and Nov. Teresa Xu (Antipolo and AC).

For our 2020 Annual Retreat, we have chosen the theme: “The Fraternal Life as Prophecy of Joy and of Hope”
which is one of the calls articulated during the 9th General Chapter. This call directs us to rediscover the beauty
of our life of communion so that we would be living testimonies to our brothers and sisters that fraternal life is a
space of the love of God and of authentic relationship.

In view of this, we would like to propose that each community conducts a Lectio Vitae on the courses of action
formulated as follows during the 3rd Provincial Chapter, 2nd Session, held last August 20-25, 2017:

At the Personal level:
1. I will nurture an attitude of gratefulness for the blessing of the sisters in my community.
2. I will cultivate attention, sincerity, respect and acceptance towards my sisters.
3. I will never tire of exercising myself continually in the art of listening and of sharing, as an act of love for
Jesus present in my sister.
4. I will use the new media for formation, evangelization and mission, “not as a means to isolate myself
from the community.”

At the Community Level:
1. We will be faithful to the communal practice of the Lectio Divina “to be touched by the joy of the Gospel
and be re-created by forgiveness and reconciliation.”
2. We will study fraternal life in community in the mind of Blessed James Alberione and other charismatic
sources, and examine our lives though the method of lectio vitae.
3. We will grow in the prophetic spirit of living together by overcoming division, jealousy and gossip.
4. We will follow the “method” suggested by the Gospel in regard to fraternal correction (cf. Mt. 18:15-20).
5. We will renew and intensify silence to be more attentive to the presence of the Spirit in each one.
6. We will be sensitive to the sisters who are in need of help and healing.

At the Level of the Provincial Government
1. The Provincial Superior with the help of the Formation Team will continue to apply the Formative Plan
for the on-going formation of the sisters (cf. GPF 2.1.3).
2. The provincial Superior, in dialogue with competent person, will continue to provide possibility for the
sisters in need of healing to avail personal accompaniment, such as processing, directed retreat, spiritual
direction, or other means.

This Lectio Vitae is one of the means of making us aware, deepen and respond to the call of the chapter and of
disposing us more for the forthcoming retreat. It is proposed to be done in small groups and in a relaxed
atmosphere (preferably in the context of a casual gathering which can be done outside the community especially
designated for this purpose). This could be animated in one full day or several sessions, depending on the
availability of each one in the community. The members of the Formation Team will facilitate the Lectio Vitae
in the following communities: Sr. M. Anthony (Antipolo, Iligan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laoag); Sr. M.
Bernadette (Davao); Sr. M. Janice (Cebu); Sr. M. Nimfa (PAC and Dagupan); and Sr. M. Lawrence (AC and

Like Mary, may we continue to journey towards fullness of discipleship to Jesus Master through the specific
calls laid out for us during the chapter. Thank you always for your availability, commitment and collaboration.

In Mary, with prayers and blessings,
Sr. M. Anthony E. Basa