Circular No.2   

Philippine-Taiwan-Hongkong Province                                                                                                                                   April 11, 2021

                                                 Divine Mercy Sunday



Dearest Sisters,

Peaceful greetings of Divine Mercy Sunday!

We are once again experiencing a lockdown in the various parts of our country because of the rising threat of COVID 19 even after a year of community quarantine.   But let us continue to hold on to our faith and the gift of peace that our Risen Master offered when he manifested himself to his disciples amidst locked doors.  When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, then we can conquer sickness and evil, for as St. John reminds us in today’s second reading, whoever is begotten by God conquers the world.  And the victory that conquers the world is our faith.  Jesus said to St. Faustina when he appeared her: Mankind will not find peace until it turns with trust to my mercy (Diary 300).  Tell aching mankind to snuggle close to my merciful heart and I will fit it with peace (Diary1074).

Let us accustom ourselves to see what is beyond this pandemic as we respond to the request of our Mother General, Sr. M. Micaela Monetti, to share the changes that are taking place in various aspects of our life, focusing our gaze on the good that, through grace, is increasing in and around us (Circular N. 2- March 15, 2021).

The grace that God continues to bless us with is the gift of vocations.  On March 24, 2021, the 34th Death Anniversary of Venerable Sr. M. Scholastica Rivata, the congregation is gifted with a new pre-postulant in the person of Angelyn Africa from Camarines Sur.  We also thank God and pray for our four Juniors (Sr. M. Jessiebel, Sr. M. Cherylsalve, Sr. M. Emily, and Sr. M. Juliet) who have commenced their 3-month integration course in preparation for perpetual profession. They are now in Pampanga journeying as a community.  After the integration course of the Juniors,  Sr. Ma. Luz and the pre-postulants will transfer to Mother Ma. Luccia Community in Pampanga as their new home.

Allow me also to thank our sisters who have accepted the responsibility as servant leaders in the communities of our circumscription:

Alberione Center – Quezon City

Local Superior:                              Sr. M. Geraldine Bucog

1st Councilor/ Vicar & Secretary:    Sr. M. Anna Tinampay

2nd Councilor:                             Sr. M. Pauline Darnayla

Bursar :                                      Sr. M. Lilibeth Bernaldez


Divine Master Convent – Antipolo

Local Superior:                         Sr. M. Aida Malonzo

1st Councilor/ Vicar:                 Sr. M. Noelle Ledesma


2nd Councilor:                           Sr. M. Dorothy Cuevas

Bursar:                                     Sr. M. Agnes Peralta


Divine Master Convent – Cebu City

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Lourdes Eublera

1st Councilor/ Vicar:           Sr. M. Grace Salada

2nd Councilor:                    Sr. Mercy Grace Bucsit

Bursar:                               Sr. M. Carmela Almendras


Divine Master Convent – Davao City

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Gracia Mag-uyon

Councilor:                          Sr. M. Alma Sabanpan

Bursar:                              Sr. M. Thelma Canete


PDDM Apostolic Center – Manila

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Dela Paz Masaquel

1st Councilor/ Vicar:            Sr. M. Nimfa Ebora

2nd Councilor:                    Sr. M. Beatrice Israel

Bursar:                               Sr. M. Josephine Tanate


Divine Master Convent – Taiwan

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Criselda Lagnason

Councilor:                          Sr. M. Virginia Velez

Bursar:                              Sr. M. Francis Dy


Madre Scolastica Community – Dagupan

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Jeanelyn Penaredondo

Bursar:                              Sr. M. Kristine Legaspi


St. Joseph House - Taiwan

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Lawrence Consulta


Jesus Master Community – Hong Kong

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Regina Lito


Giaccardo Community – Laoag

Local Superior:                   Sr. M. Irene Cuadra


Divine Master Community – Iligan

Sister in-charge           Sr. M. John Paul Canlas


Mother Ma. Luccia Community – Pampanga

Sister in-charge             Sr. Ma. Luz Cabahug


We pray for Sr. Benedict who arrived in Rome last April 8 for her new mission and thank her for assisting Sr. M. Cheryl Celestre in taking care of our elderly and infirmed sisters in Antipolo while waiting for her documents.

Our gratitude too to our sisters who willingly accepted their new assignments.  We shall send you a list of the members of each community once the transfers are done. But let us continue to open ourselves to the signs and needs of this uncertain time.

As we also celebrate Domenica in Albis tomorrow, we greet and pray for our novices all over the world particularly for Novice Lalamea who started her apostolic exposure yesterday, April 10, at PAC Manila Community.

May our Risen Master continue to be the source of our hope and strength and may we, as Easter women disciples, manifest the peace and joy to all whom we encounter along the way during this pandemic even as we await the promise of the gift of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.


With prayers and affection,

Sr. M. Anthony Basa, PDDM

Provincial Superior