Animators and Bursars meeting

The annual formative meeting for animators of communities was held in Alberione Center, Quezon City from July  3-5, 2017 with the theme:“New Wineskins in the Service of Authority”.  Sr. M. Gemma Victorino, provincial superior, shared on the 9th General Chapter’s Final Document, specifically on the tracks on Fraternal Life.

On July 6-7, 2017 the local bursars joined the group for the continuation of the formative session on the economic-administrative part, with the theme:“New Wineskins in the Life of Communion of Goods”. The financial report of the Province was presented.  After some discussion and discernment, the participants formulated some resolutions for animators and communities seeking to be authentic disciples of Jesus in continuous formation.

Everyone was filled with gratitude to God that, through the provincial government, they were able to experience to walk through this formative gathering, the new wineskins in the service of authority and in the life of communion of goods.