PLMC's 18th Anniversary

On August 30,  the celebration of the PLMC’s  18th Foundation anniversary was held in Alberione Center participated by the Pddm Lay collaborators from the PDDM communities in Luzon.  The day started with the Eucharistic Celebration with Fr. Nick of the MSC.  The Gospel text was taken from Matthew 13: 1-23 , “  the Parable of the Sower”. The homily and commentaries were very clear and enriching . He has shared several stories  in which the collaborators could personally relate and learn. After the homily,  the  PLMC renew their Promise and  Commitment  for another year of collaboration in our mission.  The program and games  followed after the mass. There were 6 contestants from  different  apostolates  and departments  for  the  “ Huwarang PLMC” . They have shown their talents and gifts  by singing, dancing, acting and reciting a poem which was  personally composed. Part of the contest was also the question and answeramong the candidates. Contestant from DMC Antipolo workshop have won the contests . She received the prize and was crowned by the judges ,  Sr. M. Leticia,  Sr. M. Sonia and Sr. M. Lilibeth. The loyalty and generous collaboration of the PLMC who have been with us for more than  10-35 years was also acknowledged. They are the, “seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. And who have listened and continue listening ,“Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Last part of the day was   the input and sharing of Sr. M. Janice Golez on the PDDM MISSION.  An interactive   session in which the collaborators willingly  participates and shared their personal experiences in their mission as lay mission collaborator.