Welcoming a new gift of vocation

The Disciples of the Divine Master celebrated the culmination of the Season of Creation on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, October 4, 2018, by welcoming another Pre-Postulant in the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province. Cara Katrina Moreno, a Filipina from Mindanao, officially joined the PDDM in an entrance rite during the Evening Prayer. The sisters united their hearts with her in singing praises to the Lord who is the Author of every vocation. Cara is now part of the recently-formed Pre-Postulancy community at the Divine Master Convent in Antipolo, and will journey with her three other companions-- Hoa Thai (Vietnamese), Wu Wenling (Chinese), and Joyce Celiz (Filipina), together with Sr. M. Bernadette Martinez, their formator.