Cebu 49th Year Anniversary

Forty nine years ago, on June 29, three sisters: Sr. M. John, Sr. M. Scholastica and Sr. M. Ester, obedient to the delegate Superior who was inspired by the Superior General, Mo. Maria Lucia Ricci, began their journey to witness to this hidden part of Philippine Islands. Time passed so swiftly when these sisters brought the Eucharistic-priestly-liturgical apostolate in their humble beginning at the island of Cebu.  The sisters’ deep faith was favored by Divine providence and so from a small rented apartment we came to have our own house through the offerings of some generous benefactors.  The Lord of the harvest heard our sisters’ pleading and vocations flourished!

As we praise the Lord for the many blessings that we avail ourselves of at the moment, we thank Him for our sisters’ silent and laborious self giving despite the many difficulties in the beginning. It is in this spirit of praise and gratitude that we celebrate the Holy Eucharist with Fr. Ruben Endona, a member of the team of pastors of our parish at the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. At this time of the pandemic, it was a big grace to have him face to face celebrating with us.

Though this occasion challenged us because of the community quarantine protocols, we carry in our hearts the intentions of our benefactors and friends who perhaps share with us the joy of this celebration.  We thank the presence of our PLMCs who also stood us witnesses to our presence in Cebu. After the Holy Mass, we share our blessings to the frontliners to our barangay. We look forward to the celebration of our Jubilee, God willing, next year 2021.