Threefold Blessing

The PDDM Sisters in the Philippine-Taiwan-Hong Kong Province celebrated a threefold blessing on February 9, 2024, the day before the 100th Anniversary of their Foundation.

During the celebration of the Morning Prayer at 5:30 a.m., four aspirants entered the Postulancy—Melia Vivili, Xiao Yan Fan, Juliena Ruiz, and Delfa Erames.

The solemn Mass at 6:30 a.m. was highlighted by the Renewal of Vows of Sr. M. Carolette Maestrado and Sr. M. Liyan Xu in their 3rd year, and Sr. M. Dianne Therese Galapate and Sr. M. Liying Bian in their 2nd year.

Rev. Fr. Buen Andrew Cruz, a newly ordained priest of the Society of St. Paul Philippine-Macau Province, presided over the Mass as also his thanksgiving celebration with the PDDM Sisters in Antipolo.

In his homily, he reflected on the mystery and beauty of one’s vocation. He shared his experience of God’s fulfilled promise in his journey to the priesthood. He said, that God remains faithful to those He called. We who have responded are challenged to be his presence in the world today. To be “Jesus” today is to radiate His LIGHT to all—to LEAD others to Jesus; INSPIRE them with our prayerful presence and deep spirituality; GUIDE them with encouraging words and Good deeds; HEAR and Listen from the Heart; Teach them the TRUTH embraced with Hope empowered by Love.

A table fellowship followed after the Mass.