Formation Program

Becoming a PDDM takes a gradual process of knowing oneself more deeply in order to be formed into the person of Jesus Christ, through the Pauline charism and the PDDM spirituality. This journey of discipleship takes place in various stages and engages the whole person: physical, psychological and spiritual. All this in order to build together the "community in mission" while the person continues to grow in her sense of belongingness to Christ and in her commitment to the specific PDDM mission in the Church.


The period whereby the person becomes aware of being called to the consecrated life and desires to respond to this call and gradually orients herself toward the congregation of the Pious Disciples of the Divine Master.

The objectives of the pastoral work for vocations continue to be pursued as well as:

  • Encouraging the candidate toward further growth in Christian maturity;
  • Participating in their discernment process to verify that they are called to the religious life among the Pious Disciples;
  • Enhancing mutual knowledge between the Congregation and the young woman.


A period of immediate preparation for the novitiate whereby the candidate freely and responsibly makes her concrete choice regarding the consecrated life and tries to deepen her knowledge of the PDDM Congregation.

Its primary goal is the human and christian formation together with further vocational discernment.

  • They are helped to arrive at a deeper knowledge and understanding of the religious vocation; and
  • Place herself in the following of Jesus Master with the gradual acceptance of evangelical detachment encompassed in the vocation and mission of the Pious Disciple lived in the community.


This is the true period of initiation into the consecrated life of the PDDM. During this time the novice studies the deeper significance of the PDDM consecrated life and experiences the community life and mission of the Institute. This is followed by the profession of the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience according to the PDDM Rule of Life.

The goals of the Novitiate are:

  • To enable the novice to deepen her awareness of God’s call through her experience of the consecrated and community life in the Institute, forming herself in mind, will and heart in accordance with the spirit and style of the Congregation;
  • To permit the Institute to evaluate the intentions and suitability of the novice.


The stage of further deepening of consecrated life whereby priority is given to the integration of one's spiritual, intellectual and apostolic experience up to the point when the person is ready to make the perpetual vows.








A global and integral process which aims to arrive at a deeper maturity of "life in Christ" and a deeper commitment to his mission of bringing God's care and compassion to all.