Vocational Discernment

The discernment process is fundamental in this initial moment of the vocational journey as it enables one to “penetrate wuthin those external facts and internal movements which propel a person towards a vocation”.

This ‘initial discernment comes through the wise work of spiritual direction” which will assist the young woman in placing herself in an attitude of listening to her call to a specific vocation and verifying that:

  • She feels an authentic attraction to respond to the call of Christ the Master who calls her to follow him;
  • Her motivation are authentic and profound;
  • She has the capacity to attain in adequate level of human and Christian maturation gradually;
  • She is capable of maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships within the family setting and has a character which is sociable , generous, and open to sharing with others;

Becoming a PDDM takes a gradual process of knowing oneself more deeply in order to be formed into the person of Jesus Christ, through the Pauline charism and the PDDM spirituality. This journey of discipleship takes place in various stages and engages the whole person: physical, psychological and spiritual. All this in order to build together the "community in mission" while the person continues to grow in her sense of belongingness to Christ and in her commitment to the specific PDDM mission in the Church.